Mountains are calling you

Escape to the pristine luxury of White Mountains, green hills and village life. Rupakot Resort is the perfect place to discover the tranquil bliss of Nepal’s rural life, whether from private veranda overlooking the lakes, the stone blocked posh residence perched on the hill top, or the turquoise waters of our infinity pool. The building blocks are made of about 25 thousand tons of hand carved stones by 100 people for 2 years. Each bungalow represent the traditional Nepali village house with spacious verandas.

The Rupakot area is a great place for gentle walks and more adventurous hikes either along the route of the “Royal Trek” with stunning views of the mountain range or through forests filled with birdsong and past traditional local homesteads down into the valley below and to Rupa Lake. The resort guides can offer guests information on the wildlife and flora of this unspoiled and tranquil area and insights into the local traditional culture and village life.

Rupakot Resort   rupakot resort

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