Beauty amidst the green

Settled in the midst of the thick greenery of Nagarkot, Hotel Mystic Mountain simply like its name has the quiet encompassing and tranquil surrounding. The hotel located on among the subtle community and terraced fields, transcending the hazy mists that encompass the hills around. 

In addition to the mesmerizing chimes, Mystic Mountain has the ideal blend of present day extravagance and mending nature. The guests will have the ambiance to appreciate best of enhancements and observations on the nature’s lap with quality service. The Hotel gives the ideal mix of sumptuous assistance to be spoiled with likewise to draw nearer to the nature through nature strolls, climbing and different added activities and valued services.

hotel mystique mountain nepal   hotel mystic mountain

Restaurant and Bars



Swimming Pool

Wedding celebration

Meditation & Gym

Baluwapati, Nagarkot
 Tel: NTC: 9851277701,9851277702, Smart Cell: 9616653512,9616653513, CDMA: 016200646,016923950


  Uttar Dhoka, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
 Tel: +97714-001108, +97714-426646
 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Perfect for you if you are planning to spend quality time with your family, loved ones, friends or official stuffs.