6000 beds added for COVID 19 patients

6000 beds added for covid 19 patients in kathmandu

The legislature has chosen to set up 6,000 beds in Kathmandu valley to disconnect asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, yet wellbeing specialists state that the number is deficient, as the quantity of COVID-19 cases was rising forcefully in the valley. Right hand Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population Samir Kumar Adhikari revealed to THT that the 6,000 confinement beds the administration needed to set up in Kathmandu valley before long would be sufficient to manage the rising number of cases for a couple of months.

He said in the event that the quantity of patients kept on flooding, at that point the administration would organize more detachment beds. “The service trusts that most asymptomatic patients can remain in self-confinement at their home. In any case, that will rely upon their neighbors also.

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